Thank you for your interest in the 2016 Kentuckiana Pride Festival.  Each year thousands of people join us to celebrate the LGBT community.  

This years Festival will take place on Friday June 17th and Saturday June 18th on the Belvedere in Downtown Louisville.  Vendors will operate on Friday from 8 pm-Midnight and Saturday from Noon until Midnight.

After you have applied for a space at this years festival, your application will be reviewed and you will receive a response within one week.  Once your space is confirmed you will receive a link to pay for the space.

Booth Fees

Business Booth $450 (includes 10x10 tent, 1 6' table, and 2 chairs)

Not for Profit Booth $300 (includes 10x10 tent, 1 6' table, and 2 chairs)

Business Booth $250 (includes a 10x10 space, vendor must provide everything)

Not for Profit/Artist Booth $150 ( (includes a 10x10 space, vendor must provide everything)

Food Vendor $500

A late fee of $100.00 will be applied to any vendor paying after May 1, 2016.

See important information below before registering online today.

Contact Name *
Contact Name
Phone *
Have you particapted in KY Pride in the past *
Vendor Category *
Electric request *
Deadline for requesting electric is May 15, 2016.
Please explain what you will be selling.
Once you submit the application it will be reviewed. Applications are reviewed on an on going basis. Once confirmed you will recieve an email with a link to pay for the space. *
By clicking the submit button I agree to all the terms set forth below
Each regular booth space is 10 feet by 10 feet. Groups providing a tent it may not exceed the booth space. No staking is allowed. Ordered tents will be available by 5:00 PM on Friday and will be set up for you by our vendor. Overnight security is provided, however neither the Event Producer or any of its volunteers, employees, or agents will be responsible for any items left by the registrant on the property. Vehicle access to the Belvedere will be limited, so plan on loading and unloading at the street.
Registrants operating booths on Friday must have their booths open from 8:00 PM to midnight on Friday. All registrants must have their booths open from 12:00 PM to midnight on Saturday.  You will receive additional load in and load out details closer to the event.
Unless a prior arrangement is made ahead of time, vendor vehicles are not permitted on the property outside of load in and load out. Failure to comply may result in additional fees or being stuck on the property until the event concludes. Vehicles may not be moved during event times. Registrants will be responsible for any damage to city property caused by their vehicles. The Foundation is unable to assist registrants with setup or teardown, except to ensure all ordered services are received.
Registration fee must be paid online; no cash or check.
Food and beverage vendors must obtain separately all necessary health permits from Louisville Metro. 
Vendors must leave space in original clean condition or deposit will be forfeited. 
All individuals and organizations, including nonprofits, selling goods or services must request a vendor permit. 
First admission included in fee for booth space; additional admission may be prepaid or paid at the gate. 
The undersigned vendor (“Vendor”) agrees to be bound by each and every of the terms set forth herein and the terms and representations set forth in the Application, which is incorporated herein by reference as though fully set forth. If the Vendor violates any term of this agreement, JD Events and Festivals, Kentuckiana Pride Foundation and/or the authorized agents of the festival may within their sole discretion and at any time (1) terminate this agreement, (2) require Vendor, immediately upon notice of violation of this agreement, to cease operations and vacate the premises, and (3) forfeit any and all fees paid for the right and privilege of participating. This agreement represents the entire agreement between JD Events and Festivals/ Kentuckiana Pride Foundation the Vendor and may not be amended without the mutual consent of both parties set forth in writing and signed by authorized representatives of JD/Kentuckiana Pride Foundation and the Vendor.
1. We agree to provide each Vendor with an assigned 10’x10’ space(s). Vendors must supply all tables, chairs, tents, generators, and security.  Unless purchased through the festival.
2. Vendor agrees to obey all rules and instructions as directed by the Festival Director during the festival weekend. Any failure to strictly adhere to such rules or instructions may result in the immediate termination of this agreement and immediate forfeiture of any and all fees.
3. Vendor hereby acknowledges its liability, and agrees to compensate Kentuckiana Pride Foundation, for any damage(s) caused by, including but not limited to, its representatives, agents, employees, volunteers, members, vehicles, equipment, materials and objects to the environs and infrastructure of city or private propriety which causes Kentuckiana Pride Foundation to pay for repair, replacement, or other remuneration.
4. As a courtesy to other vendors and festival participants, any amplified sound or loud noise from Vendor’s space is prohibited.
5. Kentuckiana Pride Foundation reserves the right to prohibit, within any booth or on the festival grounds, the display, advertisement, or other promotion of any business, company, or organization which may be in conflict with a current sponsor. Any questions concerning current sponsors should be directed to the Festival Director prior to the event.
6. Vendor shall not display, offer for view or sale any illegal or contraband items. The laws of the State of Kentucky and local ordinances of the Metropolitan Government of Louisville shall control. Vendors shall not display, offer for view or sale any items that are unlicensed and/or copies/interpretations of licensed or registered items at any site or operation of the 2016 festival.
7. Vendor understands and agrees that Kentuckiana Pride is intended to be, and at all times shall be, a family friendly event.
8. Vendor shall not sublet its space without express written consent.
9. Vendor acknowledges and understands that it is solely responsible for the collection of any sales or use taxes and shall in no way hold Kentuckiana Pride Foundation or its representatives responsible for any type of permits other than for the festival itself.
10. No refunds shall be given due to cancellation or interruption of the festival for reasons beyond the control of the Kentuckiana Pride Foundation. These reasons include, but are not limited to weather, acts of God, acts of terrorism, or governmental intervention.
11. Vendor is solely responsible for the security for all its items at the festival location at all times.
12. Kentuckiana Pride makes no representation or guarantees towards actual festival attendance.
13. Vendor understands that Kentuckiana Pride Foundation has no control over weather, acts of God, acts of terrorism, or governmental intervention, or any other cause that may prevent, and or interrupt, the festival weekend, and participants shall hold JD Event and Festival and the Kentuckiana Pride Foundation for any losses that could arise because of such event.
14. We reserve the right to place Vendors in booth locations at the complete discretion of the Kentuckiana Pride Foundation.  Kentuckiana Pride Foundation shall have sole and complete authority to place the participant in any location contained in the Market Place, irrespective of the participant’s request.
15. Vendor upon vacating its space(s) shall ensure that such space shall be free of any and all trash and refuse with such being placed in the appropriate containers. Failure of the Vendor to clean their space may result in future refusal of Vendor application.
16. Vendor certifies that it maintains adequate liability insurance to cover any and all occurrences which may result in the damage or injury to any person or thing within the confines of the Vendor’s space or as a result of the Vendor’s actions at the festival.
This agreement has been read, understood and entered into freely, voluntarily and absent of duress by the parties filling out the application.