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Talk to Greg, July 9

Talk to Greg

We just received an email from Louisville Metro that Greg Fischer will be at Chancey Elementary next Monday, July 9, at 6:00 PM. Do you have anything to tell the Mayor?

Anderson Cooper Goes Public: "I'm Gay."

Anderson Cooper

Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Beast gets Anderson Cooper talking, at length, about his decision to publicly acknowledge his sexuality. Sullivan's article includes an email in which Cooper explains why he's "standing up and being counted."

Parade Route Changes

Due to construction on Interstate 65, the State will not permit the closure of the Second Street bridge. As a result, changes had to be made to our usual parade route. The parade will not proceed down Main Street until reaching Fourth Street. Kentuckiana Pride Foundation thanks both the State and City for working with us so we may continue down Market Street as we have in the past. The parade will march past The Connection, as usual, and we look forward to continued support from their patrons.