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Manual Students Awarded for Courage

Students at duPont Manual High School running an independent publication, The Red Pen, were recognized by Student Press Law Center for journalistic courage. In response to an administrative that prohibited publication of articles on controversial topics, including homosexuality, the students started an off-campus publication on their own. An adviser in Tennessee was also recognized for courage after being reassigned following his defense of a student's publishing an article on his coming out.

U.S. Examines Ban on Gay Blood Donors

A few days ago, CNN reported on a request by 64 U.S. legislators that may ultimately lead to lifting a blanket ban on blood donations by gay men. This news comes as the nation's blood supply suffers more than a 10% drop following recent weather in the East and Midwest parts of the United States, and while China, of all places, lifts a similar ban on donations from lesbians. Parts of UK have already revisited the topic of blood donations from gay men in 2011.

Talk to Greg, July 9

Talk to Greg

We just received an email from Louisville Metro that Greg Fischer will be at Chancey Elementary next Monday, July 9, at 6:00 PM. Do you have anything to tell the Mayor?