Pageant Judging Criteria for 2012

The outline presented here is the basis for judging contestants of the 2012 Mister and Miss KPF Pageants. It is not intended to provide complete criteria but to serve as a guideline. By choosing a well-rounded panel of judges, we trust that judging will be fair and impartial. Remember: This contest is subjective. Our goal is to choose a well-rounded panel that can see past personal taste when need be and see the core beliefs that make Mister and Miss KPF the best amateur pageant title to hold.

There are ten (10) points in each section. Follow the links below for additional guidelines pertaining to each portion of the judging criteria.

Creative Pride Wear

There are ten (10) points in this section.

Overall Makeup and Presentation

This is not to be confused with full impersonation of the opposite sex but rather the representation of the “persona/character” the contestant is representing. The make up should match the person/character that is being presented.

Proper Use of the Colors of Pride

As a contestant, there should be a working knowledge of the pride colors and the order in which they are to be presented. If the Pride wear is of an abstract design all colors should be represented equally. If the colors are in order then the correct order is to be used based on the standardized pride flag. (Failure to use the correct colors and proper order (if applicable) will disqualify the contestant from this category resulting in zero points awarded. If there is any question and the colors and order of the flag address them with the pageant chair person.

Poise and Stage Presence

Did the contestant hit all the marks while modeling the outfit? Does the contestant have confidence while modeling the outfit?

Fit and Finish

Does the outfit fit properly on the contestant? A gown’s fabric should not sag. A suit should be fitted. A themed look should fit according to the theme. Does the headdress fit correctly and maintain the proper position? Does the outfit interfere with the contestant’s ability to model the garment correctly?


This category is all about letting the contestant have total control and creativity over the final product. Does the final product look creative or does it look like something that was bought off the rack or something that looks to have been thrown together at the last minute. (This part of the category is very subjective and in doing so is the lowest place holder point wise so as to be scored fairly.)

On-Stage Question and Answer

There are ten (10) points in this section.

This category is intended to demonstrate the contestant’s reaction to a question that could be asked by anyone from the community or a member of the media. The ability to answer a question directly, without elaborating too much, is the quality we seek in the contestant. Simply put, answer the question as directly as possible, to the point and in the time allotted (one minute for the on-stage question.)

The contestant will also be judged on his or her ability to relay the message of the chosen cause to the audience during an additional two minute segment. The contestant will not be judged on the cause itself but on the delivery of its message. We are looking for passion and knowledge of the cause. No props may be used in this segment with the exception of video.

Answer to the Question

Did the contestant answer the question directly and to the point? Was information given in the answer that did not pertain to the question? The objective is to answer the question in a manner that is clear and to the point.

Poise and Stage Presence

Does the contestant have confidence and poise while answering the question? Does the contestant have an air of confidence that is measurable by the audience and judges?

Cause Presentation

Did the contestant demonstrate full knowledge of the cause being presented? Did the contestant make the judges and audience aware of the importance of the cause and demonstrate passion for the cause? Did the information about the cause include its purpose, benefits to others and its personal meaning to the contestant?

A note on recognizing the judges: The contestant shall neither be scored higher or lower by saying: “My distinguished panel of judges, for your consideration…” It is an unnecessary acknowledgement. While we recognize that many other gay pageants encourage this recognition, contestants will not be scored lower by omitting such recognition.


There are ten (10) points in this section.

This is and has always been the "IT" category for the Mister and Miss KPF Pageants. One of the ways for title holders to interact with the community is through entertainment, so "let’s see what you got!"

This is a category that is open to interpretation by the contestant. Talent will be judged on use of medium, overall entertainment value and audience reaction. We are looking for lip-syncing that is on-queue. If singing live, the contestant should be on pitch and in tempo. Does the overall costume and props support or distract from the contestant’s performance?

If backup dancers or singers are used, do they support or distract from the performance? All props and backup persons should be present only to accentuate the contestant and in no way should they become the center of attention themselves or otherwise detract from the contestant.

Entertainment Value

Did the contestant entertain the audience? This is open to individual interpretation of the constestant, judges and audience. We feel that, through the selection process, the judging panel will consist of a diverse group with the ability to recognize entertainment value.

Overall Makeup, Stage Presence and Props

This is not to be confused with full impersonation for the opposite sex but rather the representation of the persona or character the contestant is representing. The makeup should match the represented person or character.

Use of Stage

Did the contestant utilize the stage to its full effect for the talent being presented?